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Products and services

  • Die casting mould

    With rich experience in Aluminium alloy, Zinc and Magnesium alloy die casting mould making and parts die casting, before the die casting mould design, we would provide you with our detailed die casting mold flow simulation report for your approval. After received your final part 3d data, we would provide you with our 3d mould design within 3-5 days. All mould cavity and core steel certified with formal certification, we will use SKD61, 8407 steels etc... for mould cavity and core making. Weekly mould making process report will be sent you with detailed mould cavity pictures.

  • Plastic injection mould

    We are specialized in plastic injection mould making, plastic injection moulding and finished parts mass production and  assembly. 

  • Mold&Tooling

    Our engineers and technical staff will work with customer's own engineers on the design of  tooling to ensure smooth production and optimum performance of the finished product. Our engineers designed mould by PRO/ENGINEER, SOLIDWORKS, UNIGRAPHICS and simulation analysis software to be sure the quality and high efficiency before tooling machining. Mould cavity and frame will be machined by automatic CNC milling center, CNC turning lathe, EDM , wire cutting machines. Our experiences and technology will be great helpful for you.

  • China mold maker

    We are Chinese mold maker, dedicated in designing and producing plastic and metal molds and finished parts mass production and  assembly. We are striving to be the leading mold& molding manufacturer in the world.

About Us

Established in 2004, LONGJUN INDUSTRIAL(HK) LIMITED is a leading company providing precision aluminum and zinc die castings, cnc machining parts and custom fabrication parts for global marketsOur products cover different industries including new energy, electronics, lighting, telecommunication, household appliances, medical treatments, security products,  furnitures, machinery and so on. We supply ''diversified custom febrication service '' and ''one-stop service'' from drawing design to finished parts and assembly.

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